DWI Defenses in New York

How We Fight — And Win — DWI Cases

DWI, sometimes called DUI, carries serious ramifications under the law. New York DWI proceedings can be complex, and there are myriad defenses that may apply in any given case. Some of the most common defenses to drunk driving allegations include:

  • Challenging blood alcohol test results — In order to prosecute a drunk driving charge, the prosecution must use appropriate procedures for collecting, processing and analyzing evidence. This includes breath and blood tests used to measure a driver's blood alcohol content or BAC. However, sometimes these tests are incorrect, or improper evidence handling calls their results into question. We will ensure no questionable evidence is used against you.
  • Challenging the traffic stop — Law enforcement officials must have probable cause to conduct a traffic stop. If the officer who conducted your DWI stop did not have sufficient reason to pull you over, it can call the charges into question.
  • Ensuring the officer followed proper procedure — Police officers are required to advise you of certain rights when conducting a DWI stop and arrest. If an officer failed to read you your Miranda rights or inform you about the penalties of BAC tests, a skilled DWI defense lawyer may be able to undermine the charges.

Don't get bullied into accepting a guilty plea. It can have serious ramifications for your future — and it may be unnecessary. Contact Katz Lawyers in Manhattan or Staten Island to speak with an attorney who can identify and take advantage of weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

A Lawyer Who Knows How To Use Every Available Defense

Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience, attorney Seth Katz is familiar with all of the legal defenses that can be used to fight a DWI charge. He knows how to use them to formulate an effective strategy to secure the best possible outcome in your case.

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