Future Consequences Of A DWI

At Katz Lawyers in New York City, we have seen the devastating effects a DWI can have on a person's future. Beyond the immediate financial penalties of a heavy fine, possible jail time and a suspended sentence, a conviction will mean years of lost opportunities.

If you have been charged with DWI or DWAI anywhere in the state of New York, don't wait to see what will happen next. You need immediate experienced DWI defense representation at your side. Attorney Seth Katz leads our law firm with more than 15 years of experience focused on New York DWI and traffic law.

Consequences On Your Driving Privileges

DWI is charged as a misdemeanor, not just a traffic violation. Your driver's license will be revoked or suspended for a minimum of six months and you are likely to require an ignition interlock device (IID) installed on your car for the duration of your probation period, up to five years. While your license is under suspension, you may apply for a hardship restriction, to be allowed to drive only for very specific purposes, such as employment or family medical needs.

Consequences On Your Driving Record

A DWI will remain on your driving record at the New York Department of Motor Vehicles forever. If you get another DWI or DWAI within 10 years, you are subject to being charged with a higher level of misdemeanor and possibly a felony offense. In addition, it will be significantly more difficult to fight any future speeding tickets or moving violations that are not related to DWI.

The financial penalties for having a DWI conviction on your driving record don't stop with the fines you pay. You are also subject to be tagged for additional driver responsibility fees when filing your annual auto registration with the DMV.

Consequences On Your Bank Account

The minimum fine for a first offense DWI in New York is $1,000. On top of the fine, you can expect to pay additional county court fees, legal fees and the cost of purchase and installation of an IID. You will also have to pay a special fee for getting your driver's license reinstated at the end of your revocation or suspension period.

Typical costs for a first offense DWI:*

  • Attorney fees, court costs, DMV fees and county processing: $3,000
  • Average insurance premium increase: $1,500 for up to seven years
  • Fine: $1,000
  • Alcohol evaluation/treatment program: $500

Consequences On Your Auto Insurance

A DWI is not like a traffic violation. You won't be able to hide it and hope your insurance company won't find out. Your conviction will be reported, and your insurance company will increase your annual premiums substantially — if you are fortunate enough to continue coverage. Many insurance companies won't offer policy coverage to a driver with a DWI on record. The average insurance premium increase will be approximately $1,500 per year.

Consequences On Your Job And Educational Opportunities

Many employers, private colleges and educational programs are beginning to review applicants' personal lives to determine whether their character is a good fit. If you have a job, it is best to remember that New York is considered an at-will employment state. An employer can terminate an employee for any reason other than discrimination in violation of civil rights. If your employer feels your DWI is out of character with what the company stands for, or will hinder your ability to do your job, you may be legally terminated for your DWI conviction.

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