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New York Rubber Room Lawyer

The Katz Lawyers on Staten Island and New York City, New York provides skilled representation and defense to teachers who have been charged with disciplinary actions and have been removed from their classrooms. Such causes for removal include incompetence, discrimination and sexual misconduct.

Experienced New York "Rubber Room" Lawyer

Rubber room is a term given to offices used by the New York City Department of Education to warehouse teachers who await disciplinary action. Teachers are left in rubber rooms pending adjudication of the charges against them.

Teachers in the rubber room have the option of utilizing a union lawyer for representation during the arbitration process. However, a union lawyer cannot provide the level of personal attention that a private attorney can, due in part to the sheer number of teachers that union lawyers represent.

By engaging an experienced New York education law attorney from Katz Lawyers, you can be assured that you will receive personal and individualized attention from a lawyer who will dutifully protect your interests and due process rights. Our New York City office is adjacent to the Union headquarters at 32 Broadway, New York NY.

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