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If you suffered an injury in a motor vehicle accident in New York City or anywhere in the state of New York, turn to Katz Lawyers for help with your insurance claim or lawsuit for full and fair money damages. Founded by attorney Seth Katz in 1999, our firm has been earning a reputation for excellence one client at a time. Today, we are recognized among the pre-eminent traffic law firms in the state.

Getting The Compensation You Need And Deserve

New York is a no-fault insurance state. After an accident, you are entitled to file a claim against your auto insurance personal injury protection (PIP) policy for the full extent of financial damages related to medical treatment and ongoing recovery costs, as well as the amount of wages and earnings you lost while recovering from your injuries. In the event the total costs for medical care and lost earnings exceed the amount of your PIP coverage, you may sue for damages from the driver held responsible for causing the accident.

What Is Considered Medical Care?

Medical care means more than the emergency room treatment you may have received immediately following the accident. Total costs of medical care can include:

  • Immediate treatment at the scene of the accident
  • Emergency room care
  • Overnight hospital stays
  • Outpatient visits and follow-up appointments
  • Physical therapy to maximize function and mobility of the injured area
  • Occupational therapy to overcome a disability
  • Wheelchair, crutches and devices to assist with mobility
  • Assistive devices for the home, automobile and office
  • Prescription medications related to your injuries, required over your lifetime
  • Psychological counseling for emotional stress related to the accident and injuries

What Are Loss Of Wages And Earnings?

In addition to the immediate wages lost while you are out of work to recover from your injuries, you are entitled to receive compensation for your total earnings lost over your lifetime, as a result of your injuries.

Damages can include compensation for:

  • Wages, salary, commissions and bonus lost while out of work
  • Loss of future earnings potential if you are unable to return to work
  • Loss of interest and earnings on investment potential for your earnings
  • Lost opportunities for promotions and expected pay increases

Comparative Damages
New York is a pure comparative damages state. The injured party may only sue for the percentage of the financial damages equal to the percentage of responsibility assigned to the negligent driver. If the other driver is held to be 75 percent responsible for causing the accident, you will only be able to sue for up to 75 percent of your damages for medical care and lost earnings.

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