Let Us Help You Resolve Your New Jersey Traffic Violations

When you get a traffic ticket for a moving violation in New Jersey, you can either pay the fine or fight the ticket. Paying the fine may seem like the easiest way out of the problem. However, when you pay a traffic violation fine, you are admitting guilt. The consequences of doing so include points accumulating on your driving record and skyrocketing insurance rates.

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New Jersey's Point System And Your Driving Privileges

It is imperative to stop points from accumulating on your driver's license. Six points in three years' time can result in probation under the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC), and twelve points can result in the MVC suspending your driver's license. Points can accumulate quickly:

  • Two-point offenses include speeding up to 14 mph, careless driving, failure to yield to a pedestrian and failure to observe traffic signals
  • Three-point offenses include illegal U-turns and third offense cellphone violations
  • Four-point offenses include improper passing, speeding between 15-25 mph, improper traffic light turns and passing in a no-passing zone
  • Five-point offenses include using counterfeit vehicle license plates, improper passing of a school bus, speeding 30 mph or more and reckless driving

In addition to points accumulating on your driving record, you can face jail time, community service and monetary fines.

Katz Lawyers is one of the leading law firms in New York City for fighting traffic violations. We launch a full investigation into the traffic stop, looking at the way law enforcement behaved, the reason for the stop and other evidence. We seek to have the charges dismissed or reduced. Above all else, we strive to keep points from accumulating on your driving record and keep you out of jail.

We Work Tirelessly To Help You Avoid Serious Penalties

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