Upstate New York Traffic Ticket Defense

There are dozens of jurisdictions between New York City and the Canadian border, each with slightly different court procedures and requirements. While traffic cases in the five boroughs of New York typically require an administrative hearing, cases upstate are more often resolved with a plea bargain.

If you have received a traffic ticket anywhere in New York state, it is critical that your attorney is familiar with the administrative process in the jurisdiction where the ticket was issued. At Katz Lawyers, we have that knowledge — and we use it to help drivers like you. We help people protect their records and driving privileges while fighting traffic tickets and related criminal charges all over New York state.

Resolve Your Traffic Matter Without Appearing In Court

A traffic ticket may seem minor, but it is essential to have the right representation. Pleading guilty without a lawyer can result in accruing more "points" on your driver's license, which can eventually result in revocation of your driver's license. A ticket can also affect your auto insurance, adding to your expenses or even compromising your ability to maintain a policy.

Traffic violations are not only expensive, but disruptive. This is particularly true if you were pulled over outside your hometown. You have better things to do than travel for a court hearing that can easily be avoided with the right representation.

At Katz Lawyers, we have extensive legal experience and we are familiar with New York's courts. Often, we can resolve the issue without a hearing or attend on your behalf. We can help you resolve your traffic matter with minimal time, expense and travel on your part.

We're The Law Firm That People Turn To All Over New York

Our offices are located on Broadway in Manhattan and Staten Island, but our clients live all over the country — we frequently represent out-of-state drivers who are pulled over in New York. Attorney Seth Katz has nearly two decades of experience fighting for motorists.

To learn more and schedule a consultation in person or over the phone, please contact us. You may reach our offices in Manhattan at 646-835-2330 or in Staten Island at 718-876-8105, or fill out our contact form and expect a prompt response from our firm.