Violations Under NYC’s "Vision Zero" Program

Mayor Bill de Blasio introduced the Vision Zero program in 2014 with the goal of eliminating pedestrian deaths in New York City. Many have called the program a success, but it has also created problems for many drivers with an increase in traffic tickets.

For example, the program changed New York City's default speed limit, prohibiting drivers from exceeding 25 miles per hour on city streets unless otherwise posted. Many New Yorkers are taken by surprise by speeding tickets after exceeding this new limit.

Can You Fight Vision Zero Tickets In New York?

The Vision Zero program has strong support at City Hall and among law enforcement. However, that does not mean that drivers must simply accept a ticket and pay the fine. It is possible to fight a Vision Zero ticket and win — in fact, most good lawyers would recommend it.

You can and should contest a traffic ticket for many reasons:

  • It is often possible to have your ticket dismissed if the police officer or DMV made any errors.
  • Even if your attorney cannot get the ticket dismissed, they may be able to negotiate a reduced fine.
  • You may be able to decrease the number of points the infraction adds to your license, or avoid points altogether. Too many points can result in license revocation.
  • A ticket may increase your insurance premiums.
  • If you plead guilty, the infraction may become public information that can affect your record, employment prospects or student status.

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